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Mentoring Program
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A program to address issues related to career development  

What is a Mentor?
  • Mentor:  From Mentor, the counselor who nurtured, protected, and educated King Ulysses' son in his absence, according to Homer; A wise or faithful adviser or monitor.
  • An NASW-MD member who volunteers to participate in the program as a mentor must be a social worker (currently practicing or retired) with at least five years of experience.

Why Be a Mentor?

  • A mentor gives back what he/she has received from others
  • passes on knowledge
  • connects with the profession
  • makes an impact on the profession by sharing trends, developments and changes

Functions of a Volunteer Mentor

  • Role Model
  • Listener
  • Sounding Board
  • Professional Network Resource
  • Confidential Professional Adviser
  • Support Network
  • Reactor
  • Coach

Benefits of Participating In the NASW-MD Mentoring Program

For the Mentor -

  • Satisfaction of helping in the professional development of another social worker
  • An expanded network of colleagues
  • Professional recognition

For the Mentee -

  • Models of professional practice
  • Opportunities and resources
  • Expanded professional network
  • Confidential adviser
  • Connectedness to the profession of social work
  • Career Development

Mentoring Program


  • The mentoring relationship is a confidential voluntary relationship.
  • There will be a time commitment for both the mentor and the mentee of two hours a month for one year.
  • The mentor and mentee will arrange a mutually convenient meeting schedule.
  • The NASW-MD Mentoring Program will be available to assist with problems or concerns.
  • Mentees will participate in selecting their mentors.
  • Sensitivity to cultural, gender and other preferences will be observed.
  • If a match is not satisfactory for any reason, either party can request to be reassigned.
  • Support and guidance will be available to program participants through the Chapter's Mentoring Program.

For More information Contact:
The National Association of Social Workers-
Maryland Chapter

5750 Executive Drive
Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21228-1759


Contact the mentoring committee by e-mail at :



The mentoring relationship is a voluntary professional relationship; as such it is

different than a supervisory relationship in that it is non-hierarchical.

Sponsored by the The National Association of Social Workers
Maryland Chapter 


NASW-MD does not assume legal responsibility for this program.


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