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Maryland PACE
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About Maryland PACE

Political Action for Candidate Election 


PACE-Maryland is a subsidiary committee of NASW-MD that works to elect candidates who are in support of legislation and policies that coincide with the interests and concerns of social workers and those who are served by the social work profession. PACE-MD works to mobilize NASW-MD members to vote for candidates who share the ideals of NASW-MD in exclusively local and state elections. National PACE focuses on mobilization for National elections. 
Goals of PACE
-         encourage social workers to run as candidates for office
-         organize NASW-MD members to vote for candidates who support NASW ideals
-         promote political education about candidates and issues concerning NASW-MD
PACE-MD is involved in political action in several different ways. Through government relations, PACE-MD lobbies and advocates for legislative action that promotes positive change that will benefit both social workers and those who social workers serve. From a grassroots level, PACE-MD remains in contact with legislators and their staff in order to encourage the ideals of social workers. When it comes to election time, NASW-MD funds candidates who support the policy agenda of NASW-MD, without regard to party affiliation and mobilizes its members to vote for these candidates.
Funding for PACE-MD comes purely from voluntary member contributions. When a member contributes to PACE, half of the donation is given to the National PACE while the other half is given to the chapter with which the member is affiliated. 
Maryland PACE Committee
All PACE-MD members are appointed by the Chapter President and serve two year terms. PACE-MD is composed of seven members. Five of those members come from different geographical regions around the state of Maryland. The remaining two members are NASW-MD Board Members.
Current Officers:
Chairperson – Jim Kunz
Secretary –      Open
Treasurer – Judith Schagrin


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