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Committees and Task Forces


Aging Committee

Mission Statement: The Committee on Aging supports quality programs for seniors in the state of Maryland.  We provide education to social workers in the Aging field, and also advocate in Annapolis for policies and legislation to benefit Maryland's citizens, their caregivers, and families.
Co-chair:  Barbara Korenblit


Co-Chair: Bob Connolly 


Behavioral Health Committee 

Mission Statement: The mission of the Behavioral Health Committee (BHC) of NASW-MD shall be to identify specific issues in the broad field of behavioral health to be the focus of it’s efforts to provide advocacy, education, and opportunities to interact with others in the field of behavioral health care.
Chair: Rachael Wallace

Chapter Ethics Committee (CEC)
Mission Statement:  This is a mandated committee. As defined in the NASW Procedures for Professional Review and the Professional Review Technical Aids: "The Chapter Ethics Committee shall be composed of seven persons from at least two different branches appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Board [of Directors], who shall be responsible for hearing and determining complaints filed in accord with the Association’s policy on professional review. The Committee on Ethics may convene local panels to conduct hearings.” In addition, this committee works to educate NASW members about ethics issues by planning ethics workshops and writing a column for The Maryland Social Worker on Ethical Issues.
Chair:  Julie Black, LCSW-C


Committee Members:

Jessica Cabness, Ph.D, LCSW-C
Swaran Dhawan, LCSW-C
Rosalind Griffin, DSW, LCSW-C
Rebecca Kopp, LMSW
Daphne McClellan, Ph.D, LMSW; Executive Director
Melvin Moschel, LCSW-C
Arlene Saks-Martin, MSW
Carl Thistel, M.A., MSW
N'Dorah Walker, LCSW-C

Mission Statement: The Children, Youth and Families Committee (CYF) is dedicated to the improvement of
the lives of vulnerahle children and families in the state of Maryland.
GOAL:  CYF will support and advocate for policies or proposed legislation to ensure the safety,
well-being, and permanence of children who are disproportionately exposed to trauma
and other risk factors:
• Review policies, regulations and proposed legislation to recommend NASW
priority positions
• Advocate for the enhancement of high quality, child-centered, family-focused
• Monitor potential impact of the proposed state budgets on service implementation
and delively
• Support improved work conditions for social workers who are involved with
services for the vulnerable children and their families
Chair:  Katrina Brewsaugh
Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (CNLI)

Mission Statement:  This is a mandated committee. Its purpose is to solicit nominees for elective offices within the Chapter and to review nominations for the Chapter’s Annual Awards. Currently, this committee is in need of a chairperson and members from each of the branches. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Daphne McClellan at


Committee on Sexual Minority Issues (COSMI)

Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Committee on Sexual Minority Issues (COSMI) is to be a resource to the Maryland social work community and Maryland communities at large regarding lesbian, gay bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues.  The Goals are:  1.  Promote equality and justice on behalf of LGBT individuals and families.  2.  Provide resources and information to social workers regarding employment and workplace practices, nondiscrimination employment policies and employee protections.  3.  Provide information and resources regarding services for LGBT individuals and families, as well as social workers working with LGBT persons and their families.  4.  Partner with local and national LGBT groups and organizations to educate, advocate, and provide legislative testimony on behalf of LGBT individuals and families.  5.  Provide diversity training to employers, educational systems, religious organizations and to community and political groups.  6.  Provide support and networking opportunities for LGBT social workers
Chair:  Laurens Van Sluytman, Ph.D.

Delegate Assembly
Mission Statement: This is a mandated body under the NASW Bylaws.  Each chapter gets a certain number of delegates based on the membership of the chapter. These delegates are to be elected and are to be representative of the chapter membership geographically, racially and by gender. Delegate Assembly meets triennially to make policy and organizational decisions for our national association. The next Delegate Assembly will be held in 2014.  It is time for our chapter to elect our new delegates in preparation for this event. 
If you are interested in running for this position, please contact Daphne McClellan
Chair: Anthony Estreet

Forensic Social Work Committee

Mission Statement:
The Forensic Social Work Committee of the Maryland Chapter of NASW was established in March 2008.
The goal of this committee is to develop, implement and monitor a standard of practice for forensic social workers in the state of Maryland. The mission is to improve the quality of service implementation and delivery for both the practitioner and the cliental. Contributing to the development and implementation of integrated, coordinated, culturally and linguistically competent forensic social work standards of practices that support the values of our code of ethics will accomplish this.
Chair: Yvonne Davis

Legislative Committee
Mission Statement:  This committee is composed of one representative from each of the practice committees and other interested individuals.The purpose of the committee is to make decisions in advance of each Maryland General Assembly session regarding the legislative priorities of the chapter. If necessary, the committee will draft legislation and promote it.  Otherwise, the committee works with the Chapter’s Lobbyists to support or oppose legislation which is pertinent to social workers and/or our clients.  
Chair:  Judith Schagrin, LCSW-C

Macro Social Work Committee
Mission Statement:  NASW MD’s Macro Social Work Committee is committed to strengthening and elevating the professional identity of macro social work practitioners, supporting educational initiatives, and addressing concerns within the profession and promoting social justice.

Chair: Richard Cook             

Mentoring Committee
Mission Statement:  The Mentoring Committee is a small group which responds to requests from Chapter members for a mentor.  The mentoring program addresses issues related to career development for both new social workers and seasoned social workers who are at a transition point in their careers.  The committee solicits mentors from our Chapter membership who are social workers (currently practicing or retired) with at least five years of experience.  These mentors are then matched with those who have asked to be mentored (mentees) for the purposes of:  models of professional practice, opportunities and resources, an expanded professional network, a confidential advisor, being connected to the profession of social work, and career development.
Co-Chairs:  Maureen McCarren 

Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE)
Mission Statement:  PACE is the Political Action Committee (or PAC) of NASW and as such is a separate entity from the Chapter with its own board of directors and separate bank account. The purpose of the committee is to advance the public policy goals of NASW in campaigns and elections. PACE endorses and contributes to candidates who support NASW policy issues, and mobilizes social workers to vote for PACE-endorsed candidates. The Maryland Chapter’s PACE works only in local and state elections. The national PACE endorses and contributes to all federal candidates, including those from Maryland. This is an excellent time to become involved with PACE which is seeking representatives from each branch of the Chapter. 
Chair:  Jim Kunz, Ph.D.
Private Practice Committee
Mission Statement:   The purpose of this committee is to provide support to NASW members in private practice, to answer questions that NASW members might have about private practice issues and to advocate for laws and regulations which advance and support the practice of clinical social workers and their clients.
Chair:  Dionne Brown Bushrod
Professional Standards Committee
Mission Statement: The role of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) is to promote the development, implementation, and enforcement of professional standards for social workers licensed in the state of Maryland. The PSC reviews general and specific issues related to professional standards that apply to licensed social workers in Maryland. The PSC does not monitor compliance with professional stands by individual social workers, which is a function of the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners and NASW National. The PSC does work with the Maryland Social Work Board of Examiners and NASW National in efforts to develop, promote, apply, and clarify professional standards when appropriate. The PSC works with the Legislative Committee in drafting and explaining proposed practice standards that are presented to the Maryland legislature  
Chair: Carlton E. Munson, PhD, LCSW-C
Contact: 410-706-3602    

Social Media
Chair: Jeronda Burley

Social Workers Unravelling Racism

Co- Chair: Barbie Johnson-Lewis


Co- Chair: Sarah Frazell

Social Work in Schools (SWIS)

Mission Statement: Help insure that school social workers provide the highest quality services to children, families, and schools.
Support and provide educational opportunities for school social workers. Educate the public about the nature of school social work and the benefits provided to children, families, and schools. Advocate for the expansion of school social work services by LEA's in Maryland.
Promote the involvement of school social workers in coordinated pupil service teams.
Chair:  Gail Martin
Contact:, (410) 788-1790

Social Work Reinvestment (SWR) Task Force
Mission Statement: As part of the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative of the National NASW, the Chapter SWR Task Force has held two statewide summits for social work stakeholders. Based upon available data and the experience of coalition partners, summit participants established the following priorities for the Maryland SWR plan:
 1.  Recruitment, retention, and education:  To ensure that Maryland has a stable, well-trained, diverse and highly-experienced professional social work workforce.
 2.  Licensing and title protection:  a)  To prevent declassification of social work  positions in Maryland.  B)  To enhance the professional identity for professionally trained social workers employed in non-clinical practice settings.
 3.  Research and professional development:  To ensure that social workers in Maryland are leaders in social work research and professional development.
 4.  Public perception of the profession:  To enhance the public perception of the social work profession that will result in more people seeking and using social work services, more students choosing to enter the profession and increased funding for social work services and programs. Next, summit participants defined each of these priority issues and identified initial goals, available data and additional data needed to create a compelling case for each issue, favorable and unfavorable conditions to addressing the issue, strategies, partnerships, and resources necessary to carry out strategies.  This process is overseen by the SWR Task Force which is open to additional participants. 
To become involved, contact Daphne McClellan at

Student-Faculty Liaison Committee
Mission Statement:  This committee is composed of one faculty representative and one student representative from each of the eleven CSWE Accredited social work programs in Maryland.  This body plans the annual Student Advocacy Day at the Maryland legislature as well as student Conferences and other student-oriented activities of the Chapter.  The BSW and MSW member of the Chapter Board of Directors also sit on this committee.
Co-Chair: Jim Kunz, Ph.D.
Co-Chair: Gisele Ferretto

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