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Student Advocacy Day 2019 FAQ's
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What is Advocacy?
What is the NASW-MD Student Advocacy Day?
What will we do?
I attended last year.  Should I attend again this year?
What should I bring?
What should I wear?
How do I register?
What should I do to prepare?
Who are my legislators?
How do I get there?
Where should I park?
What hearings can I sit in on?
This is such an awesome event!  How can I help?
My question isn’t answered here.  Who do I contact?

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the act of arguing on behalf of a particular issue, idea or person. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments can engage in advocacy. Advocating for an idea can include a wide range of subjects and can be as broad as social justice or environmental advocacy.

An individual becomes an advocate by:

¨      Writing letters to the editor,

¨      Contacting political representatives,

¨      organizing community meetings,

¨      distributing public education materials,

¨      participating in a public protest,

¨      or uses other means to communicate one's views for the purpose of policy and social change.

Grassroots advocacy is the act of an individual constituent communicating ideas and opinions to government officials (Senators, Representatives and Agency personnel). Grassroots advocacy is especially effective when many individual members of an organization write letters and place phone calls to government officials to express similar sentiments. Constituents' priorities are important to legislators, for it is you who vote, and who will either help re-elect them to another term in office, or help elect someone else to take their places. Your participation is essential. You will be amazed at what several of hours of grassroots advocacy per year by you and your peers can and will accomplish. (Source:

What is the NASW-MD Student Advocacy Day?

The NASW-MD Student Advocacy Day is designed to introduce Maryland social work students to the process of advocating for positive change.  It offers students the opportunity to see how policy is created and how to affect change.  The event is not designed as an end in itself, but rather a beginning point for those interested in advocating for their clients or communities.

I attended last year.  Should I attend again this year?


What should I bring?

·        Photo Identification: Be prepared to display a valid photo identification – such as a driver’s license – and to sign in at the lobby desk.  Please allow extra time to pass through the security system and the related long lines at each building.  You will be asked to walk through a magnetometer. Any package, purse, or briefcase must pass through an x-ray machine, so please try to travel light. 

·        Know your legislative district & elected representatives.  This includes your state delegate(s) and state senator.  You can determine this by going to: LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER and entering your home address.

What should I wear?

Please dress appropriately for walking both indoors and outdoors (between buildings and during the rally).  Please also dress professionally, as you will be seen as a representative of your school and social workers across the state. 

How do I register?

Registration must be completed with your school’s designated Advocacy Day Liaison as soon as possible

Seating for this event is limited and fills up very quickly. 

The event is free to NASW-MD student members, or $20 for non-members (payable by check, cash or credit card).

School Liaisons:


Washington Adventist

Dr. John Gavin


Dr. Jerome Schiele


Dr. Christa Gilliam


Dr. Kathy Powell


Dr. Michelle Gricus


Dr. Jim Kunz


Dr. Amanda Morgan-Henry


Dr.Eileen Gilheany

Title IVE, Morgan

Sapphire Goodman

Title-IVE, UMB

Gisele Ferretto


Angela Jachelski


Dr. Carolyn Tice



What should I do to prepare?

If you are not already, please take the time to  Register to Vote!

Voting helps ensure your voice is heard.

Send a letter to your elected officials letting them know you are coming and inviting them to lunch.  Come armed with knowledge.  Since this year we’ve chosen to focus on healthcare issues, you can learn more here: Links page

Come prepared to have fun and meet social work students from around the state.

Who are my legislators?

You can find out by going to: LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER.  This site also offers contact and background information about your legislator.  Make sure you remember your district numbers as well as your legislators’ names. 


How do I get there?

Some schools choose to organize car pools or buses while others leave it up to the students to arrange transportation.  Talk to your schools’ liaison to work out the details.  The majority of the day’s events will be held in the Miller Senate building, located at 11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401.

From US-50:

Take the Rowe Blvd. South (exit 24) toward Annapolis.

Stay on Rowe Blvd. past Navy Stadium (on Right).

See State House Dome at end of Rowe Blvd.

Where should I park?

The State does not provide parking in Annapolis for the general public. For visitors, there are two city-owned parking garages – Gotts and Whitmore – which are closest to the legislative buildings (hourly charges).  Many visitors park their vehicles at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and take the shuttle to the State Office Center. The State Shuttle makes a constant loop between Navy Stadium and the legislative buildings. Anyone can catch the State Shuttle, which leaves every five minutes during peak rush hour and every 20 minutes all other times.

Here is shuttle information:

Annapolis Transit operates a shuttle from the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium Monday through Friday

Patrons who park at the stadium, which is outside of the Central Business District, will be charged $5 per vehicle to park by Pinnacle Parking. You can catch the State Shuttle from the Navy Stadium parking lot for $2.00 each way.

The State Side Circulator runs every 20 minutes, starting at the Navy Stadium Parking Lot.

The major stops are:

·         The Navy Stadium

·         Herbert Sachs Dr

·         N.W. Street at the State Buildings

·         Church Circle at the Circuit Court House

·         Church Circle at School Street

·         College Ave at Lawyer's Mall

·         Calvert Street

The State Shuttle makes a constant loop between Navy Stadium and the legislative buildings.  Although primarily a commuter tool for the hundreds of state employees located in Annapolis, anyone can catch the State Shuttle to access stadium parking. For more information call 410-263-7964


What hearings can I sit in on?

On any given day during the legislative cycle, a number of proposed bills can be heard in committee hearings.  During the afternoon you are given the option to attend any hearing open to the public.  Be aware, however, even if a particular bill is slated to be heard on a specific day, there is no guarantee when (or if) it will be heard during the hearing.  As we get closer to advocacy day, a proposed hearing schedule will be posted on

If the hearings are full, we’ve provided a host of alternative activities for student participants, including tours and workshops.

This is such an awesome event!  How can I help?

The NASW Student Advocacy day is planned by the Student-Faculty Committee, in conjunction with the NASW-MD staff.  We always welcome student involvement and participation.  If you are interested in planning next year’s event, consider joining the committee, which meets once a month on a weekday evening.  To learn more, contact the NASW-MD office at 410-788-1066 or via email at

My question isn’t answered here.  Who do I contact?

First look at our Links page. to see if your question is answered there.  You can then try contacting either your school’s liaison or the
NASW-MD office at 410-788-1066, ext. 16  or

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