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You Have A Voice. Use It!

No matter where social workers practice, public policy impacts our practice and those we serve.  Our profession was founded by activists seeking to better their community, and an ethical commitment to social workers make that continues to this day. 

NASW-MD has an active, membership-driven Legislative Committee and a lobbyist to support our efforts in the Maryland General Assembly. NASW’s national office manages advocacy for legislation on the national level.

Much of the work on bills comes from members representing our practice committees. Individual members just like you are welcome to join the Legislative Committee and support our advocacy efforts. We also work in coalition with other organizations who share our public policy goals.

How can you get involved?

  • Join our committee – we meet weekly by phone conference during the legislative session and less often during the rest of the year
  • Present or prepare testimony on one of the pieces of legislation we support
  • Keep up with the legislation NASW-MD is involved with by checking back regularly
  • Write/email letters to your legislators, especially those who play a key role, because they sit on the committee hearing the legislation we’re interested in. Make phone calls!
  • Encourage your friends to become involved, too!
  • Represent NASW-MD on a community coalition
  • When the general assembly isn’t in session, get to know your own legislators. Volunteer on a campaign. A little or a lot will be appreciated by the candidate.

Worried you don’t feel confident about what to do? We’re here to help - just e-mail/call Executive Director Daphne McClellan at or 410-788-1066 x16. She will direct you to the right person.


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